Tony Alessandra


Tony Alessandra - Speaker - Author - Phd

Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies achieve market dominance through specific strategies designed to outmarket, outsell, and outservice the competition. Audiences learn how to get and keep profitable customers by applying Dr. Ales... more...

Jeff Blackman


Jeff Blackman - Business Consultant

As a speaker, author, success coach, broadcaster and lawyer...Jeff combines his background to help you even more powerful, persuasive and profitable...individual, team or company.... more...

Susan Clarke


Susan Clarke - Author

Susan Clarke is a dynamic international speaker and author, whose effervescent and lively style of communication reflects her outlook on life and her beliefs. She is a certified Behavior and Values Analyst and a recognized expert ... more...

Jack W. Connors


Jack W. Connors - Author

Biography information coming soon.




... more...

Ethel M. Cook


Ethel M. Cook - Trainer - Consultant - Speaker

Ethel Cook is a high performance coach and management consultant who helps people increase their productivity in today's demanding world without sacrificing their sanity. Her customized coaching, consulting and training services d... more...

Christine Corelli


Christine Corelli - Speaker Author

Christine Corelli is an international business speaker and author of the new book, "Wake Up and Smell the Competition- They're Closer Than You Think." As president of Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc., a Chicago based firm, she... more...

Jeff Davidson


Jeff Davidson - Productivity Consultant

The best presentations happen when the audience, speaker, meeting professional, and sponsoring organization all get to win! From the first minute on, Jeff Davidson delivers electrifying keynote presentations geared to meet the nee... more...

Dick Gariepy


Dick Gariepy - Author

Dick Gariepy is a best selling author and dynamic motivation speaker to Business, Sales, Employees, Students and Families.

He is president of Gariepy Motivation, located in Barre, Massachusetts. Dick received a degree in Psychol... more...

Sharlene Hawkes


Sharlene Hawkes - Television Talent - Keynote Speaker

From Miss America 1985, to award-winning reporter with ESPN, Sharlene has reached the top of two starkly different worlds by learning to move well beyond her "comfort zone." Today, she uses her unique experiences to motivate and t... more...

Tom Hayes


Tom Hayes - Humorist

Tom Hayes is a master salesman and sales motivator. With an iron will forged out of the tragic experience of losing a leg to cancer in childhood, Hayes has built an enviable career creating and managing a $50 million sales team. H... more...

Claire McCarthy


Claire McCarthy - Author

Biography available soon



... more...

Bob Montgomery


Bob Montgomery - Speaker

Highly effective, Emmy Award-winning major league sports commentator with fourteen years in television and radio, combined with three years' experience with a major corporation as a highly visible, corporate representative for num... more...

Susan O Neil


Susan O Neil - Internet Marketing Specialist

Susan O'Neil, the founder and CEO of @Web Site Publicity, Inc., a leading search engine marketing company which provides Internet marketing services to dozens of e-commerce sites, including Fortune 1000 clients.

@Web Site ... more...

Rick Segel


Rick Segel - Retail Humorist

With 25 years experience as a women's apparel retailer, Rick Segel delivers high-content, on-target keynotes, seminars and workshops filled with innovative ideas to re-energize, re-strategize and re-think the way you do business.<... more...

Ross Shafer


Ross Shafer - Speaker

ROSS SHAFER is a SIX-TIME Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer. He has hosted several Network Talk & Game shows; including THE LATE SHOW on FOX, DAYS END on ABC, THE MATCH GAME on ABC and ALMOST LIVE for Comedy Central. He is a ... more...

Marcia Yudkin


Marcia Yudkin - Speaker - Author - Consultant

Since her first appearance in print in the Sunday New York Times in 1981, Marcia Yudkin has built a global reputation as an author, publicity and marketing consultant, speaker and writing coach.
Her Marketing Minute segment ai... more...