John Amatt


John Amatt - Educator - Speaker

For over 30 years, John Amatt has led expeditions to remote regions of Northern Norway, Peru, Nepal, China, Greenland and has explored areas of the Arctic on six occasions, making many first ascents of previously unclimbed peaks. ... more...

Aldonna Ambler


Aldonna Ambler - Speaker - Author

Aldonna's goal is to help you achieve accelerated growth with sustained profitability. An award-winning, internationally known entrepreneur, growth strategist, and business advocate, who was just named Woman Business Owner of the ... more...

Wally Amos


Wally Amos - Entrepreneur

"One person can truly make a difference. If one person has a commitment and belief in their idea, they can succeed. They can overcome anything."Today, he is an icon and his name is a household word. As founder of Famous Amos Cooki... more...

Sheila Bethel


Sheila Bethel - Author

"High-energy and funny--timeless and timely--entertaining and educational-- powerful and poignant" are the words most often used to describe Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel's presentations. As the best-selling author of Making A Differen... more...

Les Brown


Les Brown - Author - Philanthropist

As a renowned public speaker, author and television personality, Les Brown has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a... more...

Valla Dana Fotiades


Valla Dana Fotiades - Speaker - Educator - Motivator - TV Host

Biography will be available soon...more...

Mike Lipkin


Mike Lipkin - Motivational Speaker

It takes just one powerlful insight to set your people's imagination on fire. It takes just one more to fan the flames. Immerse them in inspiration and they’ll burn brightly for a long, long time. In the past year, Mike Lipkin... more...

W Mitchell


W Mitchell - Author

W Mitchell knows about challenge, change and courage--all first hand. He speaks to you about the battles and the victories of life. From co-founding a metal casting company that put thousands to work, from his election as mayor an... more...

Desi Williamson


Desi Williamson - Motivational Speaker

You’ll be a star when you invite Desi to speak at your next event!
His fast-paced programs, customized for your organization, inspire individuals to take action -- and give them the tools they need to do so.

With Desi, you’ll... more...