Aldonna Ambler


Aldonna Ambler - Speaker - Author

Aldonna's goal is to help you achieve accelerated growth with sustained profitability. An award-winning, internationally known entrepreneur, growth strategist, and business advocate, who was just named Woman Business Owner of the ... more...

Mort Crim


Mort Crim - Motivational Speaker - Broadcaster

To an increasingly hassled and frustrated society, Mort Crim delivers perspective,optimism and hope. In a world filled with negative messages, Mort's speeches are about solutions, triumphs, and faith.

Mort Crim has given keynote... more...


Wayne Gignac


Wayne Gignac - Trainer

Wayne Gignac is director of The Show Works, a training and consulting firm specializing in the use of humor in the workplace. Wayne holds State of Connecticut teaching credentials and a degree in communications from Grahm College.... more...

Art Holst


Art Holst - Motivational Speaker

What goes into an Art Holst presentation? A highly targeted, motivational message interspersed with NFL football anecdotes and good clean humor. One of his favorite themes is "The Challenge of Excellence", drawn from his personal ... more...

Dr Wilbert Skeeter McClure


Dr Wilbert Skeeter McClure - Speaker

Dr. McClure has spoken at over a thousand meetings and conferences. He has been featured in stories in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Parade Magazine, The London Times, Detroit News and Free Press, Boston ... more...

Ross Shafer


Ross Shafer - Speaker

ROSS SHAFER is a SIX-TIME Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer. He has hosted several Network Talk & Game shows; including THE LATE SHOW on FOX, DAYS END on ABC, THE MATCH GAME on ABC and ALMOST LIVE for Comedy Central. He is a ... more...