Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard - Business Consultant - Author

A world renown speaker and author, Dr. Blanchard has receive worldwide recognition for his phenomenal best-selling book, The One Minute Manager. Selling more than seven million copies worldwide, the One Minute Manager has been tra... more...

Norm Bossio

Norm Bossio - Speaker

Norm Bossio is an independent management consultant, trainer, andpublic speaker who provides technical assistance and training in a wide variety of management areas throughout the private and public sectors. Prior to founding Norm... more...

Margo Chevers

Margo Chevers - Author

Margo Chevers, president of Northeast Leadership Enterprise, presents to groups to align their organizations to the needs of the customer as well as to individuals to enhance and achieve their potential.

She specializes in prese... more...

Izzy Gesell

Izzy Gesell - Speaker - Trainer - Seminar Leader

A sense of humor is among the most under-utilized personal and professional resources.

... more...

Jack Groppel

Jack Groppel - Nutritionist Fitness Expert

Dr. Jack Groppel is an internationally recognized authority on the application of sport science to human performance, and an expert in fitness and nutrition. A world renowned professional speaker, Dr. Groppel has shared the speaki... more...

ML Hannay

ML Hannay - Speaker Training Consultant

Mary Lin (M.L.) Hannay, owner and principal of ML Hannay Associates, is a leadership consultant, group facilitator, motivational speaker, and management and staff development trainer.

She is also a mother, marathoner, cyclist an... more...

Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush - Speaker

Sheryl is one of only five female Accredited Speakers in the world as honored by Toastmasters International for her outstanding professional platform presentation skills, and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She p... more...