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Dr. Allen Ropiecki -
"The Story Teller"

Allen is imbued with the unique combination of extensive education, meaningful experience and a personal life story that is gripping, inspirational and impressive.  His eloquent story telling presentation style creates lasting images of important concepts.  Allen has spent the last 30 years of his professional career as a college professor in New York & New Hampshire universities and has held various positions in several industries (banking, government, manufacturing, service, technology) including the fun world of Velcro TM.  He is always teaching and learning from what life has thrown his way.  His unique insights and flamboyant personality will excite and illuminate!  He received his doctorate in 1995 from Southwest University and also attended New York University & New Hampshire College.  His consulting business including working with fortune 100 companies like; IBM, OSRAM/Sylvania, The Holstein Association, Pepsi, Exxon as well as many other organizations.

 “Life not only teaches us what we need to survive, it also can teach us what we need to excel.  That is if we are observant enough to pay attention to what is going on around us of course.  The concepts are merely the names we give to these life experiences.  By bringing them to a conscience level we can position ourselves to avoid the pitfalls in life/ business or climb those mountains that represent success!â€

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • The Thirteen Attributes of Successful Salespeople--Courage, Focus, Woo, Ego Drive, Stamina, Persuasion, Gestalt, Communication, Belief, Competition, Work Orientation, Ethics
  • Life Lessons--RedCupcakes (Risks/ Reputation, Experience, Dreams/ Doubts/ Drive, Change/ Commitment, Unplanned, Perseverance (Never Give Up), Challenges, Adaptation, Know-how, Endurance, Stress
  • Theory R-- (professional relationships in organizations) Individual: Credibility, Trust, Love Process, Undoing; Team: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing; Communication Process: Effects of Noise, Downward/ Upward Flows; Meetings: Operational/ Human component; Agreement Paradox: The inability to deal with agreementTheory R
  • Life's Journey/The Wheel of Life--Balancing the elements that make up our lives.  (i.e. work, fun, family, education, religion, friends, safety, health, etc.); Balance = Benefits = Productivity; Imbalance = Dysfunction = Decline; Smooth Ride  = Successful Journey