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Celeste Warner Trainer Entertainer

A top-rank trainer and entertainer, Celeste is equally adept at discussing customer service and sales as she is talking about employee motivation and development, Self-assurance, goal setting, discovering. areas of personal excellence and rethinking accepted patterns of behavior make up the framework of Celeste's training sessions.


Warner began her career in direct sales and started corporate sales training in 1989. Experienced in news writing and public relations writing, Celeste developed her marketing and sales training techniques while directing the marketing efforts of a major Healthcare corporation. She continued to develop and refine her messages and her Professional presentation style working with such corporations as Coopers & Lybrand, BankBoston and Oasis Healthcare.

Celeste has also won several national awards for her work in the production of educational videos. In addition, she has done professional voice-over work for television, radio and, of course, training films.

Speaking and Seminar Topics