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Christine Corelli Speaker Author

Christine Corelli is an international business speaker and author of the new book, "Wake Up and Smell the Competition- They're Closer Than You Think." As president of Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc., a Chicago based firm, she has delivered hundreds of presentations for some of the largest corporations in the United States and abroad. Her impressive client list includes prominent organizations such as Exxon, Panasonic, Daimler-Chrysler, Sears, Reynolds Aluminum, Seagram, United Van Lines, Nissan, and Arthur Andersen. She is a frequent speaker to national associations including the American Society of Association Executives, the American Economic Development Council, Construction Financial Management Association, America's Community Bankers Association, and the National Retail Federation. She has been published in numerous magazines and trade publications and has accumulated extensive media experience.

Christine has crafted a unique and compelling presentation style. She is not only warm, funny, and strong in her business messages, but if it is appropriate for the group, she utilizes her passion for the violin with occasional touches of music in her presentations and ties them into business excellence messages. Audiences are not only delighted with this unique enrichment to her programs, but remember the message long after the program is over.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • The Customer of the Future -Will Tomorrow's Customers Be Yours?
  • How to Manage Your Time Without Getting Ticked Off
  • Living in the Fast Lane - How to Avoid Job Burn-out
  • How to Make Yourself Valuable to Your Company
  • Finding Beauty in the Beast - Dealing With Difficult People
  • The Top Banana is Supported by the Rest of the Bunch