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Business Success has always been a blend of art and science. Chuck Martin has delivered fresh and meaningful insights to help us drive performance to the next level.

Mike Jannini, executive vice president & general manager, Marriott

It is a book for the manager and the employee, the interviewer and interviewee, for someone to assist in developing others and for you to better develop yourself. It is amazing how managers focus on people's strengths and accomplishments during the hiring process, yet concentrate primarily on weaknesses and development needs once inside a company. It is unlikely a football coach would move a lineman to a wide receiver position for his development and wonder why he didn't perform well, yet we tend to do this often in the business world. This is a practical guide for assessing and maximizing the abilities of yourself and others - condensing a wide variety of courses and study into a handbook that can be applied to a variety of challenges. I believe "SMARTS" can help drive the best results for the organization while best aligning the chances of success for the individual. You would be smart to read it.

David Blackwell, vice president and CFO, Wal-Mart Global Procurement 

We all know we have certain predispositions and this book explains them in a structured way so we can maximize the strong Executive Skills and contain the weak skills. It offers a new way to think about tasks and teaming, how to match skills to tasks and teaming of people performing those tasks.

Doug Dreyer, director of business development, IBM

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NY Times Best-Selling Author

Chuck Martin is a New York Times business best-selling author, researcher, speaker, and business strategist. Martin offers invaluable context and pragmatic solutions to the problems leaders at all levels face today, helping them refocus on what matters most: overall vision, customers, strategy, and execution.

He is the author of seven business books, including most recently, Tough Management, the business fable Coffee at Luna’s and the upcoming Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success (January 2007). Coffee at Luna's, is about an overworked manager who can’t get off the treadmill of work until he learns three valuable lessons that totally improve his situation and those around him as well.

As the chairman and CEO of NFI Research, Martin is at the nexus of a global idea exchange and the leader of a research engine that regularly samples the mood and intentions of 2,000 senior executives and managers from 1,400 companies in 50 countries, including many of the Fortune 100. This gives him a staggering amount of useful information and a true, up-tothe- minute view of today's workplace. The broad base of his network, the robust and virtually instantaneous nature of his process, and his experience analyzing results give him unusual insight into business and workplace trends.

A former vice president of IBM responsible for a global division dealing with media and entertainment, Martin has helped identify successful corporate business strategies for some of the leading companies in the world. Prior to joining IBM, he was the founding publisher and chief operating officer of Interactive Age, the magazine credited with helping to define the interactive marketplace and the first publication to launch simultaneously in print and on the World Wide Web. Martin's last book, Managing for the Short Term, investigates how companies large and small are managing in today’s volatile world of disruptive technologies, sudden downturns and upturns in the economy, and tumultuous world events. He reassembles the profound disconnect he sees between many organizations' long-term strategic vision and the short-term actions needed to realize that vision.

He is also the author of The Third Screen; Net Future, The Digital Estate; and co-author of Max-e-Marketing. He writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column on management and business issues and regularly appears on television business shows. Martin resides in New England.


The Third Screen by Chuck Martin











New Book: Chuck Martin’s new breakthrough book defines the implications, strategies and tactics to survive and thrive in business in a world gone mobile. The book links the technological developments to the behavioral changes that go hand-in-hand and reveals the unexpected aspects of the coming changes in mobile, preparing marketers and businesspeople for what lies just around the corner.  The world has gone mobile and it is about to change everything!
In the book, Martin highlights case studies of the mobile innovators, ranging from large to small brands, and the mobile platform providers of the future. He clarifies for marketers the role of m-Commerce, mobile video, SMS messaging, location-based marketing, advertising and media, and the new laws of inbound marketing.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Developing Successful Business Strategies--Developing a vision and following through
  • Managing Business or the Short Term--Dealing with uncertainty and unpredictability in the economy and the world stage
  • Using Technology to Maximize Business Effectiveness
  • The Rise of the Untethered Consumer: They have limitless boundaries and can interact wherever they are whenever they want. The risk of businesses not adapting to the mobile trend is twofold. First, to miss opportunities to market and relate to these untethered consumers and secondly to lose customers who find and interact with a competitors instead of you.
  • Location Based Marketing: An opportunity for brands and marketers to insert themselves at the moment and on location to reach out to untethered consumers who seek immediate knowledge and service.
  • What Leading Companies are Doing with Mobile: Mobile innovation can come from
    almost any place in any organization. While a robust and growing mobile industry continues to fuel the technology power behind the mobile revolution, there are innovators at well known brands leading the charge in mobile inside their respective companies.
  • Social Goes Mobile: Social media is all the buzz in business today and the convergence of social networking and mobile devices is a very natural progression, leading to social networking on steroids. Mobile applications have been created for social media flat forms and for marketers the opportunity (and challenge) is to know when and how to participate or add value their customers within these venues.
  • Other topics: How to Use Smart Phone Technology to Reach Customers and The Push Pull of Mobile