Connie Dieken, Influential Communications Expert


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Connie Dieken,
Communications Expert

Connie Dieken is one of the nation’s most in-demand authorities on influential communication.  She transforms leaders into high-performance communicators and workplaces into high-results environments.  As founder and Chief Experience Officer of onPoint Communication, LLC, Connie delivers magnetic keynote programs around the globe.  Her renowned Connect-Convey-Convince method is a proven winner for organizations looking to develop powerful, influential communicators who motivate others and achieve high performance results.

She has guided leaders and sales teams at organizations such as Apple, Goodyear, Intel,Olympus McDonalds, Moen, Deloitee and many others.

Her newest program is taken from her revolutionary book, “Talk Less, Say More.”  Attention spans are getting shorter every day.  Her program teaches how to get your points across before distracted, impatient people tune you out and presents solutions for the greatest communication challenges in business today: how to connect with anyone to instantly capture their undivided attention, how to convey and nail information without overloading or confusing others and how to convince anyone to take the action you want and feel good about it.  

Some of Connie’s keynotes include:

You Lost Me at Hello
How to Talk to a World of Short Attention Spans

High Performance Communication
How to Conquer Resistance and Get Results

Who Me? How to Create an Executive Presence
Breakthrough Techniques to Gain Executive Presence

Power Pitch
How to Convince Anyone—Anytime