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Darren Lacroix Motivational Humorist, Speaker - Trainer

Congratulations Darren! He is the new world champion of public speaking!

Darren LaCroix is a rare corporate comedian. No presentation is ever the same. He is considered a pioneer at writing and delivering speeches due to his technique of "customizing" humor. He unearths common frustrations and occupational pet peeves about individual organizations giving him ammunition to have audiences laughing down to their toes. His clean-cut humor and personalized attention to a company's peculiarities make him truly unique in the meetings industry. His audiences feel connected to him because of his ability to incorporate the intimate details of their daily lives.

Make your presentations more memorable in Darren's workshop. Learn the principles of humor and practice creating your own! Walk away with funny ideas.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Seeing the Forest Gump Through the Trees
  • HUMOR! The Effective Business Tool
  • HUMOR Your Customers & Employees
  • Customer Service - Internal First
  • Live your Dream