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Dick Gariepy, Author & Keynote Speaker

Dick Gariepy is a best selling author and dynamic motivation speaker to Business, Sales, Employees, Students and Families.

He is president of Gariepy Motivation, located in Barre, Massachusetts. Dick received a degree in Psychology from Middlebury College.

Dick has presented his "Keynote" and MORNING MOTIVATOR workshops in all 50 states.

His presentations are proof that meetings don't have to be boring to be productive! His goal, with humor and useful deas, is to teach good positive attitude concepts on Self-Motivation and show everyone how to pass these ideas on to their employees and family.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Self-Motivation… the Key to Success
  • The Morning Motivator
  • How to Motivate Everyone
  • Causing & Controlling Change
  • Self & Sales Motivation