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Dick Rutan Speaker - Voyager Pilot

Years ago, a small team, with only a dream to support them, launched their vision of a non-stop, unrefueled flight around the world. Dick Rutan's dramatic recall of the project's early days, the hurdles, the successes and near disasters, are complimented with PowerPoint and VHS projection and narration.

Deemed impossible by many, this team continued to inch forward, never losing sight of what one can do when they set their mind to it. And succeed they did.

Let Dick take you on The World's Longest Flight. It's an unforgettable experience. After nearly six years of designing, building and testing the Voyager, it was time to make the world flight attempt. The flight took 9 days, 4 minutes and 44 seconds. A total of more than 21 6 hours of non-stop flying! Experience the drama of the take-off, the loss of the winglets, the possibility of running short of fuel, the engine failure, the fatigue and more. Experience the elation of success and the fateful surprises in realizing that success.

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