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Gregory J P Godek Author

"America's Romance Coach", He Writes A-Book-A-Year. He Lectures, He Researches, He Publishes, He Coaches, He Loves Practicing What He Preaches.

In an era crowded with self-proclaimed experts and gurus many of whom are grand failures at the very topic they teach -it is refreshing to meet someone who seems to practice what he preaches.

Gregory J.P. Godek writes on romance, lectures on love, coaches couples, and teaches relationship skills and has a successful marriage.

Success is something that Godek knows how to create. He has written five books in five years-every one a bestseller. He has appeared on Oprah, Donahue, Jenny Jones and Rolanda. He has been published in Australia and Great Britain. He has been translated into Korean and Danish. He has been teaching Romance Seminars for 15 years. He has keynoted at many events. He has conducted relationship seminars for the US Army(!) He has taught publishers how to market books, He has partnered with other firms in the romance biz: FTD Florists, Harlequin, Sandals Resorts and the Chocolate Manufacturers Association.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Renaissance Man

    Godek is one of a new breed of "Renaissance Men" in publishing. He is a writer, self-editor, art director, business manager, marketing maven, lecturer, booking manager and relentless promoter.