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Jack Sims, Motivational Speaker

Jack Sims - Marketing Genius, Consultant, Speaker

It's a long way from an apprentice printer growing up over his parents' corner store in a tiny town in England, to the creator of the largest marketing agency in America. However, for Jack Sims it typifies his philosophy that you can achieve success in whatever you are truly prepared to work for. In fact, he is so sure that understanding that "Most Marketing Stinks" and the process of Branding will change your business, he has committed his retirement to teaching others the skills he has spent a life time acquiring.

Falling into the embryonic Promotional Marketing area in the mid 1970's, Jack found his calling and, together with his best friend, started his own agency in London, England. Ambition and the desire to see (and conquer) larger horizons led Jack to New York where he opened a Marketing Agency out of the second bedroom of his White Plains Apartment. From these tiny beginnings the agency became the largest Marketing Agency in America winning The Super Reggie (Marketing's highest award) not once but twice, and gaining the number 1 ranking in the USA along the way. His company created programs like the "Burger King Kids Club" their single most successful marketing program. He has enjoyed similar successes with other clients like Polaroid gaining significant "marketshare" from Kodak, British Airways, Nestle, General Electric and Lever with the launch of Lever 2000 and many more in the US and abroad.

Eventually, Jack chose to retire and sold the company to Wall Street. Unable to sit still and finding that retirement didn't quite suit, Jack wrote his best selling book "Growing small businesses into Big Brands" while living his dream of becoming a Professional Golf Teacher. In addition he has had many articles published throughout the US and consults for companies who are looking for serious business and brand growth. 8 years on, Jack Sims continues to be a failed retiree. He divides his time between his business and branding consultancy, writing, appearing on Radio and TV shows such as "Money Matters" and creating and delivering successful keynote speeches and workshops for companies like Harley-Davidson, LexisNexis, the Washington Group International and Novartis. He has also spoken for Associations as diverse as the American Perfume Society, Industrial Fabrics Association International, America Outdoors and the Sunglass Association of America any and many more. Jack says "I love what I do. I want to help build the most important business in the world - yours."

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Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Growing Your Business Into a Big Brand--the process of branding, what it is, why you should brand, and a clear understanding on how you should make your brand the leader in your marketplace and make a lot of money.

  • Most Marketing Stinks...But Yours Can Smell Like Money! he majority of people that start a business fail, and it's not because they are not good at what they do, it's because their marketing stinks! I give the audience all of the really important reasons why their marketing stinks and the pitfalls that should avoid if they want to be successful.