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LORRAINE MONROE founded the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, a remarkably successful and innovative public school, and became one of the most respected education reformers in America. She is the President and CEO of the Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute in New York City where she is extending the principles of publication 'The Monroe Doctrine' to assist other school principles and educators create high- achieving schools and transform children's lives.

'The Monroe Docrine is brief, catchy lessons and anecdotes will help potential leaders tap into their natural gifts and harness those gifts to lead seemingly by instinct. Lorraine Monroe's personal story of conquering the most overwhelming challenges will inspire leaders of all types to try new ideas to enrich their lives and the lives of their organizations. With The Monroe Doctrine by their side, readers will be able to lead any organization-whether a hospital, a house of worship, a sorority, a family, a school, or a business-with renewed passion and results.

Many people who attain managerial positions haven't the foggiest notion how to lead. They don't feel driven to attain the competencies of a boss-much less a great boss. The Monroe Doctrine offers educators, administrators, and businessfolk an inspiring A-Z of straight-forward lessons on becoming-and remaining-a truly great boss.

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