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Michael B. Rubin
Personal Finance Expert

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Michael passionately delivers powerful financial lessons and empowers audiences to take control of their financial lives. His approachable, easy-to-understand style makes him a sought-after speaker by diverse clients ranging from financial services firms to universities. Additional audiences, including national financial planning clinics, state employee meetings, statewide money conferences, and community groups have similarly raved about their experiences with Michael. 


Recognized as a true expert in simplifying personal finance, Michael has appeared on numerous radio and television stations and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, and Financial Advisor Magazine. His rare positioning as an authority without something to sell provides audiences with an unprecedented level of comfort—and motivation to take action!  customization A pre-conference, web-based survey is a complimentary option with each of Michael’s presentations. Not only does the survey generate buy-in, excitement, and buzz, but it also ensures your audiences will learn and benefit from what matters to them most.


Michael is an approachable expert you’ll enjoy spending time with, be it in-person, on the phone, through his conversational book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, or on the big day itself—Life is too short for anything else, isn’t it?  Like the rare teacher who can make a dry subject come alive, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents a conversation between Michael and you, a time-starved reader, over the periodic interruptions of Gary, a commission-obsessed salesman.

But don’t let the easy-reading style fool you. This trusted reference will guide you as you confidently journey down the path from income to wealth.

Michael’s MOST Popular Topics

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  • How to Live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck—Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning Overview (also in book form)

  • Personal Financial Planning for Those Who Feel They Have No Finances to Plan—Youth Oriented Motivation to Just Get Started

  • You Should Really Focus on the Monthly Payment and Other Lies—Smart Purchase Decisions from Homes to Financial Services