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Nance Guilmartin Speaker Author

Nance learned her cut-to-the-chase problem-solving and hot-seat leadership development skills first as a news writer at CBS News radio in Boston, then as National Press Secretary to Congressman Paul Tsongas in his U.S. Senate Campaign. She was able to quickly turn ideas into action during her award winning years as Editorial Director at NBC-TV affiliate, WBZ-TV in Boston and as VP Marketing and Public Affairs for Westinghouse Broadcasting. Nance developed and launched the150 city, For Kids’ Sake cause-related marketing campaign that generated a 20-million dollar profit center for Westinghouse and its clients. She also launched the pilot that led to the nationwide acceptance of the Designated Driver Program. She is a national speaker and is the author of ‘Healing Conversations: What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say’ (Wiley & Sons).The book, ‘A Communications first aid kit’, sold out its first printing in ten days and is being published abroad in Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, Brazil, and China. Nance is a specialist in enabling both professionals and lay people learn how to offer and accept comfort during difficult times - disasters, illness, sudden change. Poignant, entertaining, memorable interactive format enables audience to learn skills they can use the minute they walk out the door.

What kind of results can clients expect?

  • "Better Decisions: After a session with Nance, we can walk right out the door and take action, which often produces extraordinary results. "
    Jeff Saunders, CEO Saunders Hotel Group (Achieved coveted 4 * rating)
  • "Revenue Growth: With your counsel, our company has nearly doubled our revenues, attracted key new clients and talent and clarified our purpose."
    Carol Cone, CEO, Cone Communications, Inc. (Sold co. at high multiple)
  • "Insights for Fast Action: My business doubled and that is practically unheard of for someone in my industry who is only in his third year."
    Matt Prunier, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (Focused priorities)

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Be Heard: Stop the Communication Ping-Pong Game!
    Is what you heard what they said and is what they said what they (really) meant? Learn an approach that enables you to make the most of the time you have with someone even if it feels to you or to them that it's not enough time. Explore the nearly lost art of listening. (Participants leave with skills they can use immediately whether with the CEO, an employee, a patient, a colleague, a relative, or a customer.)
Healing Conversations: I's Never Too Late
  • Learning how to ask for or offer the comfort that's needed, especially when words fail during those times when you (or they) need them the most. (Audience gets to practice skills applied to their real world situations especially for conversations that we most often avoid or where we're at a loss for words with friends, family, and colleagues.)
Relationship Management:
  • How Not to Strip the Gears
    How do you get relationships with customers, staff, colleagues, or family into 5th gear without stripping the gears? How can you compete successfully in a world where none of us has enough time? Race car analogies get audiences out of their seats. (Audience learns how to drive relationship building conversations.)
  • The Power of Pause® Approach
    In a "Just Do It" world of multi-tasking, how do we learn to understand the real problem (or opportunity) that lies beneath the surface of what someone said? How do we shift gears to learn what's on their plate, let alone ours? Underwater analogies demonstrate the difference between communication radar and communication sonar. (Participants learn how to have more productive, meaningful relationships at work or at home.)
Breakthrough Thinking in Action:
  • Taking the First Step
    How to launch a breakthrough in your company, career, or your life while you are at this conference and when you return to work or home. Draws upon lessons learned in launching breakthrough ideas such as the Designated Driver program. (Participants get a practical and motivational experience that maximizes the results from the event.)