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Patch Adams Medical Doctor

Dr. Patch Adams is one of the most unusual physicians in America today. Through his pioneering work as the director of Gesundheit! Institute, Patch Adams has dedicated his life to the belief that "healing should be a loving human interchange, not a business transaction." Gesundheit is working to build a 40 bed hospital/healing center in rural West Virginia which integrates traditional medicine with complementary therapies in the context of joyful community.

Patch Adams is a warm, witty medicine man who is simultaneously a healer, teacher, clown and entertainer. His dynamic lectures and workshops challenge both health care providers and consumers with creative solutions to the major issues in health care delivery. His multimedia presentations are guaranteed to be provocative, exuberant, challenging and fun.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

The Joy of Caring

  • A 1-3 hour presentation on the thrill of helping others.  Inspirational talk with much dialog to explore burnout prevention for caregivers.

Humor and Health

  • A 1-3 hour funny, inspirational lecture and show about the connection between humor and health.  Patch has been a street clown for 30 years, performing all over the world.   He will perform, lecture, entertain, inform, and dialogue with the audience.

Magic Elixirs of Life

  • A 75 minute provocative, informative, funny show on wellness.  Patch plays a 19th century snake oil salesman promoting a line of elixirs like wonder, love, humor, exercise, diet, faith, passion and hope.  Two separate elixirs shows highlight a full compliment of necessary "medicines" (1 1/4 hours each).  Patch has performed this show for 10 years all over the United States and abroad.

Happiness / Joy

  • A 1-3 hour lecture or 3-4 hour workshop exploring the possibility of a truly joyous life, each and every day.  Fun and uplifting.

Holding Your Dreams In Community

  • A lecture or workshop of short to very long duration exploring community with an emphasis on making it happen and sustaining it.  Patch lived communally for 22 years.  Patch likes to do this workshop with Dr. Susan Parenti, a composer, performer, and an 18-year communitarian.


  • A 1-3 hour lecture, an overview of the breadth of potential in being well.  Lots of dialogue

Poetry and Medicine

  • Patch has 3 hours of poetry memorized - theatrical, inspirational incineful (sic).  A look at the power of words to communicate and aid understanding.

Dang Fools

  • Hire Patch, Dave and Bowen as clowns extraordinary to make mischief at any event.  Can include workshops.  These three people can be continuously out of control!  Patch will clown individually in hospitals (adult, child, mental or physical illness), or in any public setting.

Self Esteem

  • A one hour lecture to all-day workshops; the Internet is to open the door for each person to feel in a palpable way their own greatness.  Patch likes to do this with Dr. Susan Parenti.

Laughter Meditation

  • Master Laugher (Lena Adams?) and Patch team up as "extra dry martini" to cause trouble.  They cannot contain themselves.

Fun Death

  • Death makes a guest appearance in a hilarious romp through troubled waters.  Patch teams up with an experienced clown, Dr. Bowen White, who is also a nationally recognized human resources trainer, to explore death midwifery.   These two should be hired for two very intensive days of personal exploration into life as a celebration and peak performance, both at work and in one's personal life.

Working Together

  • A fun, stimulating 3-4 hour workshop on the thrilling potential in working together.  Play, poetry, drama and dialogue will be combined to explore our maximum potential in team effort.  This workshop is done with Dr. Susan Parenti.


  • A 3 hour to 2 day romp into both the arts and life as creative acts.  This is done with Dr. Susan Parenti, a composer and performing artist.   There will be many opportunities to explore one's creative self and artful living.