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Ric Goldenberg Training Specialist

Ric Goldenberg is the founder of ric goldenberg! associates. The company designs voice and computer technology to enhance the productivity of new and existing customer service centers.

An actual user of technology at the Wall Street Journal for nearly a decade, he brings a fresh look to the challenge of automation and advises many hardware, software, and service providers.

His insightful, slightly irreverent view of technology has enlightened and entertained audiences at seminars and conferences throughout North America.

Ric prides himself on having been involved with technological innovation for over 20 years while still retaining the ability to form a complete sentence.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Design and Implementation of Voice and Computer Technology
  • A Slightly Irreverent View of Technology
  • Using technology to Stand out From the Competition
  • Net Cruising Road Warrior or Road Kill