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Rob Peck Motivational Speaker - Juggler

Rob Peck is a pioneer in the use of humor as a way to consistently retain rather than constantly retrain key personnel. His novel use of juggling (literally and figuratively) immediately cuts across all barriers and strikes a universal chord. In Peck's nimble hands juggling becomes both a methaphor for how to deal with lots of "balls" in the air- and still stay focused... and a hands-on training tool that lets participants feel first hand the stress-busting mindset of relaxed concentration. As a speaker, trainer or consultant, Peck has helped thousands of multi-tasking professionals re-discover a life-balance which links learning with laughter and frees them to have less stress and more zest at work.... and at home.

Left Brainers, Right Brainers & NO BRAINERS! (How To Cope With Constant Change.... And Still Stay Sane!) Busy professionals are increasingly challenged to do a kind of juggling act where they balance their attention between several pressing demands, yet never lose track of the big picture- and still keep their eye on the ball. With so many multiple responsiblitlies, and in the midst of so much non-stop rapid change, it's hard to keep our professional- let alone our personal life, in a healthy balance. Being able to have (and hone) a good sense of humor helps us hang tough in hard times. Laughter is like leavening.... it helps heavy spirits rise! If you'd like to have less stress and more zest, this keynote will leave you with a fresh, fun-spirited way to recharge your creative battery, expericenc a renewed sense of connection with your colleagues... and provide an enticing challenge to make shared laughter a daily rite.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • "The Best Test is Zest"™ Measure success by enthusiasm. When people pool resources and play to each other's strengths, they find positive solutions.
  • "Keeping All the Balls in the Air"™ Managing multiple tasks and staying flexible - even when someone drops the ball. Reduce perfectionism...raise productivity.
  • "Hate Makes Waste"™ Stories and strategies for building morale and decreasing attrition using "The Three T's:" teamwork, tolerance and tenacity.