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Susan Clarke is a dynamic international speaker and author, whose effervescent and lively style of communication reflects her outlook on life and her beliefs. She is a certified Behavior and Values Analyst and a recognized expert in the field of internal and external customer service. Susan's novel theories are based on her "real life" experience combined with her expertise in the areas of behavior, values and attitudes.

Her direct approach to service provides a practical framework for those who want to exceed their customer's expectations...and want to exceed them NOW. Susan's programs are highly interactive and entertaining, yet they provide the type of substantive information that makes a real difference. In these programs, she demonstrates how to develop a win-win attitude. She knows that this will improve performance and dramatically increase the bottom line.

In addition to speaking, Susan is the author of "The Secrets of Service: The Story of Making Your Customers Feel Good About Spending Their Money". Written in novel form, it is designed to help develop your customer service skills and strengths. In addition, Susan is a contributing author to the Hospitality Master Series which just released "50 Proven Ways to Build Restaurant Sales and Profits", "50 Proven Ways to Build More Profitable Menus", and "50 Proven Ways to Enhance Guest Service."

Speaking and Seminar Topics

Attitudes, Values, & Behavior