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Tom Chappell and his wife Kate left the corporate world for Kennebunk, Maine, in 1968 to 'move back to the land' where they have raised their five children. Since co-founding Tom's of Maine with Kate in 1970, he has dedicated himself to creating a company that produces innovative, natural personal care products in a caring and creative work environment.

Tom hopes to set an example of ethical business standards for others. He was a recipient of the 1990 New Englander Award sponsored by the Small Business Association of New England; the 1991 Entrepreneur of the Year from CNBC; and was awarded the 1995 Socially Responsible New England Entrepreneur of the Year by the Entrepreneur of the Year Institute. Tom's of Maine has been named among the top companies in the U.S. for working mothers by Working Mother magazine; and as one of 30 Great Companies for Dads in Child magazine. In 1992 Tom's of Maine received the prestigious Corporate Conscience Award for Charitable Contributions from the Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) and is listed on the Honor Roll in the CEP's Shopping for A Better World. In 1993 the Chappells were presented with the New England Environmental Leadership Award and the Governor's Award for Business Excellence. In 1997 Chappell was a recipient of the Caring Institute's Award for 'One of the Most Caring People in America.'