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Tom Hayes Humorist

Tom Hayes is a master salesman and sales motivator. With an iron will forged out of the tragic experience of losing a leg to cancer in childhood, Hayes has built an enviable career creating and managing a $50 million sales team. He has achieved consistent first place sales finishes for one of the nation's best-known manufacturers of medical x-ray film and equipment. A Show Time Cable Network Funniest Person award-winner, Hayes combines his offbeat sense of humor with the practical advice of how the game of sales is really won day after day.

Tom Hayes has nearly 20 years of sales experience with Fuji Medical, the second-largest photo-chemical manufacturer in the world. As a salesman and later sales manager in the medical industry , he grew a territory from $200,000 to over $13 million a year through both personal sales and by building and motivating a top sales team. Hayes has been number one sales manager for his company in the country twice for percentage of growth, and has consistently ranked in the top 20 percent for more than ten years. His record of success for this company led to his ten years of additional responsibility in training all new sales recruits and advising all sales personnel on a consulting basis.

Hayes completely epitomizes the Can Do Role Model. Even though he lost a leg to cancer at age 12, it is not uncommon to see him go zooming by you on the ski slopes, or if you are up to the challenge, bungee jumping from hundreds of feet up. There isn't a mountain Tom hasn't climbed... especially if someone said it couldn't be done.

Hayes leads a very successful second life as well. During the day he's one of the best sales people in the country. But at night he puts all of that away for work in his second career as one of the countrys leading night club and corporate impostor/comedian. With the same approach that has characterized his excellence at work, Hayes has quickly established himself as one of the funniest comedians around, and in classic Tom Hayes fashion, set a goal for himself and ultimately won Showtime TVs Funniest Person in Massachusetts award. His act is a rare combination of magic, comedy and salesmanship of the truly funny kind.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Dealing with adversity
  • Life Balance
  • Humor in the Workplace
  • Relationship Building
  • Consultant Selling
  • Creativity
  • Team Building
  • Leadership