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Wayne Gignac Trainer

Wayne Gignac is director of The Show Works, a training and consulting firm specializing in the use of humor in the workplace. Wayne holds State of Connecticut teaching credentials and a degree in communications from Grahm College. Wayne consults for many organizations. Thousands of faxwoods Casino employees are using his "Taking Care of You" approach to customer service. Wayne helps people discover that they are responsible for the choice to be happy. He is known for his ability to weave together feats of magic and quick-witted humor with a revealing inside-out look at people. Wayne leaves unsuspecting audiences in a state of laughter, with side effects of renewed self-esteem, relaxation and uncommon motivational energy to get the job done.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • I Can't Wait To Go To Work
  • Stress -Take It or Relieve It!
  • Crack jokes Not Skulls
  • The HA-HA, AH-HA Connection
  • Why Aren't They Laughing?
  • Taking Care of You!
  • Self Esteem - It's No Laughing Matter!
  • Making Learning Memorable!